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NY Baseball Shocks the World


Shocks the “baseball world” may be a better-suited phrase.  There’s a common trend amongst baseball conversationalists up here in NY and many of us have been involved, and possibly agreed at some point.  The comment, “You’ve got to go south,”  has definitely been a sentence in many different conversations.  Thanks to Matt Senk and the Stony Brook Seawolves, (and let’s not forget about St. John’s, Hofstra and Dowling), people are going to rethink that phrase.


There are a ton of obstacles in the Northeast that people in other regions of the country don’t necessarily have to deal with, number one being the weather.  We’re not out fixing fields and getting ready for practice on the diamond in the middle of December and January that’s for sure.  Usually we’re battling the freezing temperatures (although we were a bit more fortunate this year), a snowstorm and the confinements of a gym or indoor baseball facility.  And once we do get on the field in late February until at least the end of March it’s COLD.  But let’s not get crazy here, there are a lot of places that deal with the same challenges we do, but it seems that the college baseball powerhouses don’t come from there. Rice, Miami, Cal State Fullerton, LSU, South Carolina, and Texas certainly have us beat in the weather department.  Speaking from personal experience-it’s much more pleasant playing baseball in Texas or Florida in January than it is here.  But, what people tend to forget about New Yorkers is that we’re a pretty tough group of people.


Of the 28 ball players on the Stony Brook roster, 15 are from New York, 13 of them being from the metropolitan area, 2 from Pennsylvania, 2 from Connecticut, 4 from Canada, 4 from California and 1 from Florida. Of that roster, 7 out of the possible 11 juniors and seniors were taken in the draft earlier this month. And you can bet that the scouts will be out early next year taking a look, once again, at who Matt Senk and his coaching staff have on the field. 


St. John’s roster has impressive NY numbers also. Jeremy Baltz who hails from Vestal, NY, up near Binghamton, was the 68th overall pick in the 2012 MLB draft. Matt Wessinger, a Liverpool native went to Colorado in the fifth round, and Kyle Hansen, a local Long Islander, went to the White Sox in the 6th round.  My point being here, these kids grew up playing baseball here in the northeast, chose to play college ball in the northeast and they’re getting their shot at playing professional ball.  Then you have Danny Poma at Hoftsra.  He left California to come play baseball in New York.  He had quite a season, being the first Hofstra baseball player to be named a first team All American.  He was also selected in the 10th round by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the MLB draft in early June.  


So let’s look at the numbers-we’ve got to be doing something right? Are we going to continue to say, “We have to leave?”  Northeast Baseball, and let’s be specific right now, New York Baseball is on the map and it’s time we jump on this train that our local colleges have gotten us on and continue to prove that we don’t plan on going anywhere.  St. John’s won the Big East title and we all want to see them do it again.  Dowling College won the ECC and made it to the second round of the East Regional Tournament.  Stony Brook as we all know won a super regional, and represented the entire Northeast in Omaha. Let’s rethink that statement, and ask ourselves, “Do we really have to go south?”

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