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Post Season Play

Met fans, not Yankee fans, know how the National fans felt on Friday night as they stood up and cheered-They thought there team surely was on their way to the NLCS. What could go wrong?  They had a 6 run lead early, and many people may have turned the game off. The game was in the bag- Nationals win, St. Louis goes home, and they await game 1 of the next series.


I was sitting in a restaurant Saturday night with a friend and said, "Can you believe the Nationals game last night?" His response was, "They were killing the Cards, I turned it off.- I looked at him and laughed and told him they lost. The look on his face was disbelief...and then I told him how it happened and he almost looked a bit sad. My buddy is a Met fan and he understands heartache- Those National fans had that stadium shaking in the top of the ninth. A two run lead, 2 outs and 2 strikes on Molina. Granted you had Beltran on second, but he wasn't even the tying run-the Nationals had a little cushion after scoring the extra run to put them up 7-5 going into the top of the ninth. Unfortunately, if you ever watch the Cardinals play, you know never to count them out (even without Pujols).

So now we move on to tonite- The Yankees are in Detroit, down two games and facing Verlander.  Not that the Yankees are incapable of coming back from down three (if they lose tonite), but the likelihood at this point, isn’t looking good. They have to play tonite like it’s Game 7, and if they win tonite, they have to do the same thing in Game 4 and so on…The Yankee pitching has been on, but we all know their bats are silent.  You can talk about ARod all you want, but it certainly isn’t just him.  Have you looked at Cano’s post season stats.  I know his last week of the regular season was unbelievable, but his post season stats are non-existent, literally…We could go through that entire line up and find something wrong with everyone, well almost everyone- thank you Raul for your late inning heroics…We are playing Detroit because of him!

By the time some of you read this we’ll already know what games 3 result is…the question will be whether or not the Yankees can get their bats hot, or even a little bit warm to produce some runs.  This will be a challenge though because we all know what Verlander can do when he takes the mound. 

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