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“You gotta play with your heart, with every ounce of fiber in your body”- Vince Lombardi


I’ve said it before, but the idea that I can type something into a search engine and and get what I want so quickly still amazes me. When I wanted to look something up as a kid I had to pop in a floppy disk (you guys probably don’t even know what that is) to a computer that took up half the space in my bedroom and actually scroll through alphabetically to find what I was looking for…and to think I thought that was amazing-  I was watching college football the other day and Vince Lombardi’s name came up (which often does) and I remembered a speech that I had heard one time or another in my career.  The speech, “Winning is a Habit” always stuck with me and in some ways is the way I like to motivate myself.  We all know baseball is a game of failure, but Michael Jordan probably said it best, or the writer for Nike who actually wrote the saying,  “I’ve failed over and over again in my life, and that is why I succeed.”   Baseball is that game.  A game of failures- we all know that…but it’s about what you do next, how hard you work and what you do, to not fail the next time and the time after that.  I’ve watched athletes over the past couple of weeks at different tryouts around the island and you can see the desire and determination in almost every step they take.  From the minute they walk into the gym, until they walk out of the doors at the end of a workout they are working.  What amazes me most, is these athletes  aren’t always the most talented ball players in the room, but one day they will be because they aren’t going to stop until they are.  Take a minute and listen/watch Vince Lombardi’s speech about not wanting to lose-about always wanting to be on top of his game.

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