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Local Recruiting Coordinator Answers Some Questions

I was able to catch up with the recruiting coordinator from a local division I school and I asked him a couple of questions that I thought you’d be interested in asking yourselves if given the opportunity.  Next Level is very aware and available for any and all questions you may have when it comes to playing baseball at the college level.  Remember, playing baseball in college is not a right, it’s a privilege. One of the most important things that  each player must remember is that you have to find the school that is right for you.  You’ll also notice below that the recruiting coordinator speaks about the importance of grades.  Baseball is given a specific amount of money for scholarships each year.  The better your grades, the better chance you’ll have at being able to receive a scholarship for both academics and athletics. 
NL: When should players really start contacting schools that they are interested in attending?  
RC:  Our school has actually already received a commitment for the 2016 season.  Freshman year players should start getting in front of coaches and schols that they are interested in.  Not just once, but multiple times.
NL: What are some of the qualities/characteristics that draw your attention to a player?
RC:  One of the first things all coaches notice is size, but it’s not the only thing.  If we are recruiting you, or you are being recruited, you are athletic, but it’s important to also be coachable. These two qualities go hand in hand.  
NL:  How important are grades when you are looking at a player?  
RC:  Very! Our school has 11.7 scholarships.  If you can get a scholarship as an academic/athletic combination, or just academic, it goes a long way.  
NL: I hear many players say, "a coach came to see me and I didn't perform well."  If a player goes 0 for 3 when you go to see him, should he think that the college won't be interested, or are you looking at other things? 
RC:  Performance is always a big part of what we are looking for, but that is why it’s important to get in front of the coaches multiple times.  
NL: What kind of player is ideal at the college level? 
RC:  Coachable, good academics and possible draft potential are ideal.

Players- you’re all talented.  Make the commitment to yourselves to perform on the field and in the classroom. That will get your noticed!

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