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Next Level caught up with Terrence Connelly at UNCW 



I’ve decided that it’s important for all of our current Next Level baseball players to be honestly informed about their very near future.  Whether you’ve decided on a school or haven’t, it’s important to get an idea of what the next stage may be like.  I was able to catch up with sophomore Terrence Connelly, who is attending University of  North Carolina Wilmington. 


Q. What made you decide that UNCW was the best fit for you? 


A. There were several things that made me decide UNCW was the best fit for me.  First, the school fit my academic ability.  Second, there was an opportunity to play as a freshman.  And third, the UNCW baseball program has traditionally been very good, reaching numerous NCAA Regionals and being ranked several times in the Top 25 within the past ten years.


Q. How many colleges did you officially visit before making choice? 




A. The only school I went on an official visit to was UNCW, but it was well after I was committed and signed.  I did, however, visit at least fifteen schools with my family and that gave me a good feel of what kind of school would fit me best.


Q. Did you commit early?




A.  I committed to UNCW about three weeks before the start of my senior year of high school.




Q. How did next level help you prepare for what you are doing now? 




A.  Next Level helped me prepare for college baseball by understanding the game within the game.  I would ask the coaches about every little detail such as what kind of pitch they would throw in a certain count to a certain kind of hitter or what kind of approach to have at the plate in different situations. Yes, they helped my physical abilities such as my swing and my foot work defensively; but for me, the thing Next Level really helped me with was starting the development of my mental approach to the game, which many people underestimate how important it is.




Q. What are some of the challenges that you face as a freshman?




A. There were several challenges I faced as a freshman.  The first was being ten hours away from home.  I wasn't worried about not being close to home, it was just different from the usual.  The second was the schoolwork.  The work was not as difficult as I expected, but the amount of work was way more than I anticipated.  Trying to manage my time between class, practice, and weights, with my schoolwork was initially a challenge, but once I got into a routine it wasn't as bad.  The third thing that was a challenge was baseball.  I had to get accustomed to pace of the game while showing what I was capable of doing without doing too much.  At first, there was some difficulty, but my coaches and upperclassmen on the team helped speed up the transition.





Q. What are you most excited about for the upcoming spring season?




A. The thing that I am most excited about this spring season is to get back out there and compete with my teammates.  We only lost a few guys off of last years team and we gained a lot of freshman, so I feel like we have the ability to make some noise this season.




Q. What is one goal you have for yourself this school year? 




A. If I had to pick one goal for this season, it would be to win a Regional and advance to play in UNCW's first Super Regional. I know the path to get there will be a challenge, but I feel like with the guys we have in our locker room this year, anything can happen.


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