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NL 2015 Augustonelli Champions (Oct 2013)
NL 2015 Pool Winner of PG Fort Myers (Sept 2013)
 NL 2015 Kemp Memorial
Tournament Champions (10/6/2013)
NL 2015 Boys of Summer (2013) Champions

NL 2015 Triple Crown Champions (July 2013)

NL 2016 Team Blue Chip Prospect
Tournament Champions (September 2013)
Congratulations to Team NL on winning
the July 4th Triple Crown Classic

Next Level Baseball (NLB) is an elite travel organization that focuses on creating a limited number of high quality
teams rather than numerous average teams.  NLB may have no team at a specific age
group rather than field a
team that is not up to the quality of play that is demanded
by the NLB organization.

NLB believes in quality over quantity.  You will not see an overabundance of NLB travel teams.  Many organizations
opt to overload their systems with multiple teams at each age group resulting in "A" and "B" teams.  NLB prefers to
build its program on the foundation of fewer teams with better talent.  Our goal is to recruit the best players to form
the best team in the region.

NLB will run Clinics (like the Kevin Long Hitting Clinic), College Showcases, athletic college placement services,
off-season training and elite travel teams.  Quality of events, services and teams is our primary objective.  We believe
that if we were able to deliver quality, everything else will take care of itself.


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